This wordpress blog serves as a photo collection or photo diary if you like, it features the coins and banknotes I have, once had, currently own, once owned, collecting and collected. My main goal is to collect as much as I can, both banknotes and coins. I am open to swaps – trades for banknotes not in my collection, I also greatly appreciate any donations.


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  1. Hi,

    I’m writing from an educational publishing company based in Scotland. I’m working on a new Maths book and the authors want to include a picture of a £2 coin – the Robert Burns commemorative coin – as part of a question they’re asking on circles. I was wondering if you would give permission for Leckie & Leckie (www.leckieandleckie.co.uk) to use the high-res photo of the £2 Robert Burns coin on this site in the book? I’d only need the face-on image of the coin with the Auld Lang’s Syne quote on it. Please do let me know if this would be possible and if it is, what sort of acknowledgment you would like to appear on the imprint page.

    Many thanks.

    Best regards,

    Petetr Dennis

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