Fake Philippines 50 Pesos, NDS Aquino-Tetangco ASEAN OP 2012

Fake Philippines 50 Pesos, NDS Aquino-Tetangco ASEAN OP 2012

Given to me a few months ago (1 one of 3), this one is not “watermarked” but comes with the ASEAN overprint. The paper has a coupon bond-ish quality/texture, the ink seems faded, it also arrived to me crumpled and a bit worn to give the “used-circulated” look.

*NOT FOR SALE, just sharing

NOKOR North Korea commemorative notes – “Great leader” Kim II Sung 95th Anniversary

A few new notes I picked up, well not really “new” but it took me quite sometime to get a hold of these. I have been scouring the net for any info but all I pulled out is this:

North Korea banknote to commemorative “Great leader”
Kim II Sung 95th Anniversary.
朝鲜中央银行特别发行九种少量面值流通纪念钞 – 纪念伟大的领袖金日成诞辰95周年.

9 pcs North Korea Commemorative banknotes (1,5,10,50,100,200,500,1000 & 5000 Won) A complete set with folder of North Korean notes overprints has recently been reported. Unfortunately, little is known about these notes other than that they appear to be the latest issued notes (dates range from 1992 to 2007) with a common overprint in Korean and the Western numerals 95. The literal translation of the overprint is “Great leader Kim Ilsung comrade birth 95th.” Since he was born April 15, 1912, his 95th birthday would have been celebrated in 2007.

Info from banknotenews.com

These are the same old designs with overprints (words – top left).

Indonesia Replacement notes

Indonesia Replacement notes

100 Rupiah 1977 UNC
100 Rupiah 1992-93 UNC
500 Rupiah 1992-96 UNC

Beautifully designed Indonesian banknotes I recently acquired. These are replacement notes with X serials. I always believed that Asian notes like these are underrated, these have solid designs and depictions.