Dachau Germany 1 Amper Taler – regional polymer issues UPDATE

IMG_0053Finally got the 2013 issue, this one features artwork from Florian Marschall.


Fake Philippines 50 Pesos, NDS Aquino-Tetangco ASEAN OP 2012

Fake Philippines 50 Pesos, NDS Aquino-Tetangco ASEAN OP 2012

Given to me a few months ago (1 one of 3), this one is not “watermarked” but comes with the ASEAN overprint. The paper has a coupon bond-ish quality/texture, the ink seems faded, it also arrived to me crumpled and a bit worn to give the “used-circulated” look.

*NOT FOR SALE, just sharing

Morocco 25 Dirhams Durasafe substrate note 2012 – 2013

Morocco 25 Dirhams Durasafe substrate note 2012 - 2013

With the advent of hybrid notes, here is another great banknote from Morocco to add to my collection.

* Fortress Paper has announced the launch of the world’s first banknote printed on its new Durasafe substrate, an innovative paper-polymer-paper composite substrate produced at its Landqart mill. The new Swiss 50-franc note had been expected to be the first in the world to use Durasafe, but its introduction has been delayed until 2015 at the earliest due to technical difficulties encountered in the note’s production.

With the issuance of the new Moroccan 25-dirham note in December 2012, Bank al Maghrib, Morocco’s central bank, became the first in the world to issue a banknote printed on Durasafe. The front of the banknote features an intaglio vignette and a watermark of King Mohammed VI, and a magenta/green color-shift security thread developed by Fortress Optical Features. The thread, like the watermark, is embedded inside the banknote yet visible behind a one-sided Viewsafe polymer window. It also has a fully transparent polymer window embossed with the King’s royal crest. The back of the note carries a print vignette commemorating 25 years of banknote printing at the Moroccan State Printing Works, Dar As-Sikkah.

The windows in Durasafe are formed by die cutting each side of the three layer composite substrate separately. One-sided Viewsafe windows give a clear view inside the substrate where the thread and the watermark of King Mohammed VI are protected, but fully visible behind the polymer core. The transparent Thrusafe window is created by die-cutting both the outer paperlayers to reveal only the transparent polymer core.

Chadwick Wasilenkoff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Paper, commented: “After a decade in development, we are pleased to see the fruits of our labour in the launch of the Moroccan 25 Dirhams. We have designed Durasafe to offer the ideal characteristics of polymer and traditional paper notes to create a new standard for high security banknote substrates. Fortress Paper would like to congratulate the Bank al Maghrib on the launch of their new 25 Dirham banknote and being the first in the world to produce and launch a Durasafe banknote.”

– Courtesy of Phil Martin and Hartmut Fraunhoffer

Mauritius Polymer Notes 2013!

Mauritius Polymer Notes 2013!

Introduced August 22, 2013, these are the first polymer banknotes to be circulated in Mauritius (25, 50 and 500 Rupees). The 25- and 50-rupee notes were printed by Oberthur Technologies on Innovia Security’s Guardian substrate while the 500 Rupees note was printed on De La Rue’s Safeguard substrate (formerly called Flexycoin). The polymer notes are printed with magnetic ink that becomes fluorescent under ultra-violet light. They also contain a transparent window bearing an image of the dodo – an extinct Mauritian bird that lives on on the front of the country’s notes and coins – and other ‘swing’ features (iridescent, optically variable ink printed on a transparent background.)

Bangladesh 40 Taka “40th Victory Anniversary of Bangladesh”

Bangladesh 40 Taka  “40th Victory Anniversary of Bangladesh”

Obverse – Inscribed with the image of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Reverse – Inscribed with the image of six Freedom Fighter

Face Value : Forty Taka
Per Unit Price : Single note with folder and envelope Tk 200/=(Two Hundred Taka).Only single note Tk 40/=(Forty Taka).

Date of Issue : December 26, 2011

Bangladesh Twenty Five Taka Silver Jubilee of ‘The Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd.’ 1988-2013

Bangladesh Twenty Five Taka Silver Jubilee of 'The Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd.' 1988-2013

Obverse -National Martyr’s Monument in Savar; banknotes and stamps; three spotted deer; magpie robin (doyel) bird.

Reverse – Security Printing Corporation headquarters building, flowers, fountain, and flag; bank logo. Windowed security thread with demetalized bank logo and Bengali denomination.

Face Value : Twenty Five Taka
Per Unit Price : Single note with folder and envelope Tk 100/=(One Hundred Taka).

Date of Issue : January , 2013