Uzbekistan 1994 Issue banknotes

Uzbekistan 1994 Issue banknotes

The Uzbeks are the third largest nationality in the former Soviet Union (after Russians and Ukrainians). The capitol Tashkent has more than 2 million people, is the largest city in Russian Central Asia. The original population was believed to be Iranian, with rich history started as a member of the Persian empire. Here were famous emirate of Bukhara (Sogdiana) and khanate of Khiva (Khorezm). Russians annexed all this territory in 1856-1886. Cotton is the king in this Muslim state, intensive farming based on artificial irrigation. Crude oil, natural gas, coal, cooper and gold deposits make up the chief resource.

The 1994 issues as seen in the pictures (incomplete) depict various sites of note on the reverse and the Coat of Arms in the obverse. AKA the “Persian Carpet” or “carpet” series for the intricate patterns on the obverse.


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