JAPOCC Philippines, 10 and 100 Pesos

JAPOCC Philippines, 10 and 100 Pesos


One response to “JAPOCC Philippines, 10 and 100 Pesos

  1. I have been receiving a lot of offers regarding these particular notes, people either selling them or wanting to trade them. Value wise they do not demand much as compared to ‘victory’ notes, these JAPOC notes in the picture are quite common and are found in various conditions from Poor to UNC. I have some for sale at 75 PhP each in AU to UNC condition and some collectors even find my price to be quite on the high side, but anyway for posterity sake I would like to reiterate that these are quite common and do not demand much value (other than sentimental maybe) but are still collectible due to the various block numbers they have (I myself have quite a few with different block numbers).

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